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Doggie Food/Water Bowls & Storage Jars

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Introducing our new Doggie Bowls!

We figure that your furry pal's bowl is mostly we have put the paw prints running on the inside! With matching storage jars...obviously (which also are perfect for tea/coffee/sugar...just saying..)

We made a stamp from one of our sausage doggies (now up to 4!)

The Bowls come in 3 sizes, small medium and large and in Food (shallow) and water (deeper), and currently in 3 glazes...the pics look very similar so please check sizes below..

Measurements - 

Small Bowls-

Water D-13.5cm/H-6.5cm

Food D-13.5cm/H-5cm

Medium Bowls- 

Water D-16cm/H-10cm

Food D-15.5cm/H-7.5cm

Large Bowls- 

Water D-20cm/H-11cm

Food D-20cm/H-7cm

Storage Jars - 




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