Our story ...

Dave and Anouska relocated to rural Mid Wales from Jersey, Channel Islands in 2017. 

Surrounded by the wild and ever changing landscape of Ystumtuen, nestled in the Cambrian mountains, they set up their pottery business in the old joinery workshop on the former lead mine, Penrhiw Mine.

Dave has an extensive 25 years of working for Jersey Pottery behind him, 18 of those as Head Thrower, making highly refined gift and domestic homeware made from earthenware, stoneware and porcelain; this alongside 30 years of teaching his craft to adults for the local college.

Anouska has over 10 years experience of working with children and young adults, teaching social and emotional skills through the medium of art and drama. 

Alongside this, painting for a local artist in Jersey.

Dave and Anouska design all their work together, everything is hand thrown by Dave and hand glazed by Anouska.

Within the studio there is a small showroom where you can view and purchase your very own piece of Penrhiw Pottery.


Our Philosophy.....

We are passionate about what we do...

We believe pottery, be it on the wheel or hand building (or just watching), has a therapeutic quality that is so effective in this fast and stressful world we live in!

You can't rush pottery...no cutting corners (just turning feet), so this process makes you slow down and relax.

We also believe that our children's generation is one that buys cheap and throws away. We are always hoping that the small bit we do to educate some to a world that is not mass produced, not thrown away, made by hand with love and time that will last and last, will make a difference to how you feel about the mug you drink from...

We want our pottery to be accessible to everyone, hence we price our work competitively so no matter what age you are and what budget you have you can purchase a piece of Penrhiw Pottery.

That accessibility carries over to the making....everyone has creativity, and you can make something of your very own (with a little help if needed!)

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