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Ok, maybe you can help with this one...

Dave and I have been having this debate for a good few years now....

"What is the perfect mug?"

The answer, we feel....."any mug as long as it's full!!!"

And this one, well its full to bursting...

Dave has been making mugs of all shapes and sizes for 40 years...

Currently, we make 3 types. The can mug, the rounded mug and the flute mug.

So lets break this down a bit...

The 'can mug' is a smaller straight sided with the tinniest of waists, it holds about 7fl oz and wins Dave's favourite mug competition! He drinks his black coffee with the tiniest amount of honey, out of one of these mugs...and says..."it just feels nice" very scientific I know!

The 'rounded mug' which hands down wins my favourite mug competition (as seen above), holds about 10fl oz (now that's more like it!) I drink black tea out of this mug which works beautifully as it holds the heat for longer due to the shape, and I kind of hug it..so also quite an emotional thing for me (there's a surprise)! I love how all my best friends have these mugs too, so when I go around for that catch up, I drink out of one of these, home away from home/s!

I also never stray very far without one of these in my bag...at shows, Dave and I take 2 of these with us, and our own tea (Morgans Brew of course, thanks Geoff)...so we only need to source water...because I've obviously got a kettle in my bag too (big bag!)

And so the the 3rd mug...the 'flute mug'. This is my Mum's favourite mug, although I think with a few years of persuasion now she is coming around to the rounded mug...!

The flute mug holds about 9fl oz, and is a very graceful shape and looks fab. but as Dave says, in his words of wisdom..."it's not good if you have a moustache as the rim is wide and it dribbles either side of your mouth!?" Don't ask!!??

So, what is the perfect mug....whatever you want it to be....as long as it works for you!

Now, go and put that kettle on I'm gasping! 😜

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