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Form over Function...we think not baby puppy!

There is no such thing in our world!

Form will never dictate function.....function dictates form!

Definition of form = The visible shape of something.

Definition of function = An activity that is natural to or the purpose of a person or thing.

Everything we make here at Penrhiw Pottery is kept clean and simple. The extent of our 'embellishments' are spriggs, which we add on, or slip to create texture...

We design and make with function at the for most of our minds.

Those forms will always be gentle, not top heavy, or bottom heavy but balanced.

A foot will be turned out for stability rather than elegance.

Our teapots for example, are designed to be used, always based around a design that is best suited to a working teapot. Not fancy and sculptural, but true to its purpose. Knobs and handles ever so slightly oversized, designed to be held!

The beauty to us is no matter what size teapot you have from us...no matter what you might pour from that teapot, weather you are taking five for yourself away from the kids and the pace of life or for when you share a cuppa with someone special and have a natter, putting the world to rights (you know who you are....Naoimi!)

Or maybe when you pour yourself a cuppa and curl up with that book....(definitely Dave!)

Or as I am right now, having poured myself a mint tea, pausing the tip tapping typing, and just sit back and take a slurp...glancing out of window and loosing myself for just a few seconds...(well sometimes more than a few seconds but who can blame me we live in a very beautiful and ever changing place!)

Whatever the time and whatever the reason, the teapot has to function for you as it should...its not to look at, its to use! In saying that, we obviously try to make our teapots look and feel wonderful too!!!

So basically the shape of the teapot should primarily relate to its intended function...to pour tea..no drips, no fuss...!

I guess when it comes down to it, it's all about taste, we make what we believe in, with love and respect and hope that people will understand it and love it as much as we do. That's all any maker can do right?

There are many ceramicist's making bizarre and wonderful things, and there is of course a place for that...but not in my kitchen!

So for us we will never stray away from our designs of functionality...giving you accessibility to useable, reasonably priced, beautiful tableware!

Let's virtually clink those mugs and wish that you can join us for a cuppa soon.....

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