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A timely bee in my bonnet....

So, we are sitting in the garden, Dave and I enjoying a cuppa together. He has done his first bit of throwing for a while so we are having a well earned tea break. Well Dave's having his black coffee with a touch of honey and I'm having black tea...usual usual....

and we are discussing building Jack's shed, yeast, sweet peas and bumble bees... (and before you ask, yes having a conversation about 4 things at once is perfectly normal and functional...??) Anyway, we have been seeing some huge bees around, a few different types of bees we think (mental note..must learn more about bees). And although the Muscari is flopping the bees are still loving it so we have left that area to be a bit wild and buzzing...

So, the scene is set...

And as we carry on nattering about what wood we have, and how much yeast do I have, bla bla bla, a huge bee tries to kiss Dave (well who could blame it!?) and he grimaces and tenses up...it happily has its gentle kiss and flies away (after all Dave did just have honey in his coffee, I'm kinda thinking this bee has rights, to a kiss if nothing else....and I exclaim "hello not so little bee, have a lovely day...byyyeeee" in an ever so slightly high pitched voice. Dave chuckles at me, and I wonder why...is it not a perfectly normal thing to do, to talk to a bee in a high pitched voice???

Anyhow...coffee and tea drunk and Dave goes back to the studio and I start cooking, Cottage pie tonight, so i'm busy cooking and thinking. Jack and winter are playing football in the garden...usual usual....

Next thing I know Winter is racing down the path screaming (clutching football still, obvs!), trips up the steps to get to me (still clutching ball and we now have a grazed shin to add to the trauma, although we don't yet know what trauma..), momentarily puts the ball down to fling his arm around me, screaming, then picks it up, dashes to his room, and then back again...

Ok, mummy instinct kicks in, I strip him off, careful to keep the ball in eyesight, you know what I'm looking for right...the bee! He's down to his vest and pants and I'm cuddling him and he starts to calm down a bit, and won't take his hand away from his mouth...so I look carefully and yes he has been stung on his lip...bless him, little cherub, big tears and clinging to mummy.

I call Daddy, as I'm at a crucial cottage pie point, and Daddy comes, the benefit, if not luxury of working from home means we can call each other when needed..So we swap places and Winter cuddles up to Daddy, a little shaky and very clingy but calmer and I carry on, in eyesight, much like the ball..(I know my place!)

Cooking catastrophe diverted and I take a few pics quickly as they are so cute curled up..

And yes, maybe the original bee was more drawn to Dave's t-shirt...!

All I can think of firstly is the irony, that bee, or one of its pals, bee no more unfortunately. And secondly, time, isn't it a funny thing! A lot has been done today in one way, and not a lot in another (well in comparison to maybe just a few weeks ago), but my point is..that we are living in a very strange time where the pressure of working deadlines has eased, but the pressure of finances has increased. Yet we are beginning to get into some strange and wonderful pattern of being with each other, not passing ships as we have far too many times been...and I think back to worrying so much about getting this balance right when we work so hard...and I smile, because through no fault of our own or anyone...here we are, being forced to isolate and be with each other, we have been given back time.

We have been given time to create, be in the studio and create work, be in the garden and grow, be with the kids creating memories and assault courses, create food...and take notice of what and who are around us..to notice that bee, more than just waving it away, ok maybe not everyone has a conversation with it...but we have started to accept our circumstances and appreciate this time.

I also today have taken a moment to think about the families that are not so fortunate as us, are forced to be in isolation maybe with violent and abusive partners, or for those single parents who don't have that person to call on, or for those families who do not have the garden we have. And of course to all the doctors, nurses, bin men, carers, shop workers, all around the world who are putting them selves on the front line for us. We send you all our love, gratitude and can only hope you all have time the other end of this...to be with your loved ones again.

We do not take our space for granted, and today I cried, for the first time in all this, whilst reading a post from a nurse in New York, loosing patients and being the person that stays with them till the end because their families can't be. So I sit, up this mountain in very sunny Wales (not two words that often go together), and think of you and many many others, we are so very grateful to all of you.

So I finish this day, well almost, still a few games of cards to play yet..., writing this. A day full of ups and downs, full of home made soup and planting seeds, full of laughter and tears...whatever today was it was most definitely full!

Dave and I are grateful for each other and all we have around us..and mostly, today, we are grateful for time, (what day is it again??) and, of course, bees!


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