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A day in the life of an Angry Bird, an Ewok and a Ballerina...

So it's 10.30am....

Dave says "your such an intelligent girl",

I answer "is that cause of the literature I study?"

In fact Dave is talking about someone other than me (sharp intake I know right!!??), and I'm reading Star Wars Angry Birds Annual, with Ballerina on in the background, Winter half watching it (pointing his toes), and half playing on a toy keyboard...and Jack, well you guessed it, the teenager is still in bed!

Ok, so our day hasn't just started (I wish), let me fill you in, and by filling you in I mean before this conversation, after it and I'm gonna take you back to my childhood, just for a few minutes to explain some of these conversations...are you sitting comfortably? Trust me your gonna need to be, maybe even with a wine when you see one of these pictures coming up....

Winter wakes up at 6am most mornings, like an alarm clock...he trots along the corridor and round to my side of the bed, crawls in and has a cuddle and a little chat in Mandarin or is it Cantonese? (Thanks to Wikipedia I know that there is a 30-50% difference in the two languages, so at 6am I'm not sure which...)

And so, during lockdown, Dave gets up with Winter so I can have a little more sleep (this seems to work for us most of the time, Dave can function on much less sleep than I can, and he is so much better at getting up earlier than me...maybe this is due to my years of early ballet training...??? More of that later...)

So I have a bit more zzz's and then they get me up and we swap, Dave gets some sleep and I shower, do breakfast, and wake Jack up with tea and toast (and he thinks he is hard done by!) It's now about 9am, Jack would normally be up for school just before 7am and off in a taxi to the bus stop at 7.30am, so we feel 9am is decent...however Jack, in his teenage brain feels he is totally entitled to at least 15 hours sleep everyday...so it takes me a while to persuade him to get up (more than not it involves me jumping on him, singing in his ear, tickling his ears....anything silly to start the day on a positive note!) Anyway, so he is up, this morning aided by his little brother also jumping all over him, but somehow in the midst of morningness...he has managed to creep back to bed without any of us noticing...which is weird because you normally know when Jack is in the room!

So Dave has his sleep catching up from the early start, and I wake him up with a nice black (yes with a touch of honey, I'm glad you remembered) coffee. Whilst he makes him and I late breakfast (well brunch really) which is porridge with granola dust, I dash up to the studio to do my 15 minutes on the exercise bike..!

Now let's just take a moment to pause on this statement...and yes I know, there are a few words which do not really belong in the same sentence together..or certainly haven't in the last 10 years!! Can I draw a little attention to the fact that when you start a regime like this (week 1), god I hope it gets better, you find that your 'nu na' hurts from the seat...I mean really hurts...so not only are my legs getting sore, I'm wobbling around a bit like a weeble on drugs and now I have to contend with a sore 'nu na'!!

"Don't worry" Dave says, "it will toughen up"!!! Please, I don't want it to be tough, granted I don't want it saggy but tough, no thank you!

Anyway, I digress, and if your still with me, thank you for getting through the above paragraph (although I know you mums are with me!!)

So, after my cycling I walk back to the kitchen...very slowly, I hasten to add, and have my porridge.....Dave is milling around the kitchen, listening to Radio 2, so it is in fact a lady on the radio he is referring to not me..and I curl up, in a little bit of pain, and Winter brings over one of our favourite books...

Now, I grew up with Star Wars, loved the Ewok's and was a tiny winy bit in love with Hans Solo. Therefore its a no brainer that Jack has also grown up with Star Wars...an influence I am proud to have passed down to my sons! Angry birds, well, what is not to love, it is a firm family favourite and although we know it line by line, it still makes us laugh...so to have a book that has both Star Wars and Angry Birds in it...genius, no doubt about it!

I draw frightening similarities to one of the songs in Angry Birds..i quote from Bomb.."Ambidexterity, pottery and bankruptcy!" Ouch...! (Don't worry we are ok...)!

The other influential part in this story is the film Ballerina, if you haven't had the pleasure its a bit like Rocky for little kids, poor orphan girl training in the yard v's posh cruel girl training in luxury...emotion, passion and determination winning against all the odds! Plus (extra bonus) it has a great soundtrack, my favourite 'Suitcase' by Sia...now if I have not sold this to you then maybe the connection isn't there...maybe you did not do ballet!!!

You may have already guessed by this photo that I did do ballet...if you know me, it will come as no surprise to you that after a few years I found it sooooo boring (and voiced it, another revelation I know!) The outcome...I was moved across quick smart to tap and modern where they felt my personality (and slight chubbyness I expect) would suit better! (Maybe thats where my ever so slight problem with dictatorship grew from...?)

Can I just say, I love my parents very much, but what were you thinking?! Blue eye shadow and eye liner like that? At least the eyeshadow matched my pumps!? And I still have this dress, yes folks, it was secretly kept and given to me a few years ago...you can imagine what I might have done with it if it had been given to me in the years that followed!

I was a mere three and a half in this picture, only a bit older than winter...and we will let my Mum off as she was given a list of how my make up had to be in this grading and she made this outfit...hang on...graded at that age? A list of what make up to wear and how to wear it...wow 1978 was a tough year!

So I suppose that little girl, somewhere very deep inside me, watched this film and just absolutely loves it...and I love that Winter loves it!

Even Spooky the cat is watching the film out of the corner of his eye, often found asleep on said book....the whole family has great taste it seems!

Jack is finally awake, all hail the teenager...and life goes on....lots of playing in the garden...lots of cooking, chitter chatter, usual usual...then Winter's nap time comes around...phew!!

But there is no rest today, as I'm off to town to do the food shop. And what a surreal experience this has become. But there is a stop first...to a good friend of mine, who I'm dropping some pottery off to at her gate...its a big gate...and like a true moment in cinematic history I've got my gloved hands on the bars calling across to her and sliding a bag under the gate...pottery contraband...there is a little extra in there for her to cheer her up as she is working so hard still through lockdown...its a short visit, lockdown rules and all that, and she has left me something too...a lovely little bracelet, I almost cry that we both thinking along the same lines, the little things...mean so much...especially for someone like me who is very tactile and can't cope without hugs!!!

On to the supermarket I go, after a change of gloves of course, and I wiz round, I'm well organised with a strategic list in isle order so as not to miss any essentials! For the first time in weeks I'm able to grab tagliatelle (yay!!!). I use the beeper, which I always do to keep an eye on how much I'm spending, but now its even more key to my supermarket survival, as it means speed, no queuing, and I'm out...gloves off..happy days, and I'm on my way home and should be back just in time for Winter waking up!

"Daddy's making dinner!" (line from Angry Birds obvs..) and so apt as Dave is making Pizzoccheri (which is a buckwheat one pot dish from the Lombardy region in Italy that Dave eats on the slopes when skiing...well not on the slopes, he does stop at a restaurant...or eating establishment for it), it is amazing...full of garlic and cheese..bit of a heart attack on a plate but oh my...!! Can you imagine our delight now, that I've been able to get tagliatelle as we haven't had this for what seems like months...!

I'm gonna end this story where it began, back in the kitchen, Dave passes me the half full/empty packet of tagliatelle..

"How long does it need sweetie?" he says...Neither of us are wearing our glasses, and I think to myself, 'I'm, sure he asks me this every time...but I squint and say

"7-9 minutes..."

Dave.."Are you looking for a job?"

Me..."Yes darling" (actually thinking, are you serious I've just sat down!)

Dave..."Could you just come and get this tagliatelle in the pan to open up?"

Me...leaning over the pan..."Now just relax, deep breaths, your doing great, lets calmly talk about this and see if we can get you to open up a little..."


And that is truly a day in the life of Dave and I, the trials and tribulations that surround our pottery studio. We laugh a lot, thank goodness, we share looking after the children, cooking, working and time to exercise...and we wouldn't have it any other way...lockdown with this crew...laugh a minute!!! Because after all, there is an Angry Bird, an Ewok and a ballerina in us all!

You might now understand why I need to sleep....until next time!


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